In CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), Grand Champion (GC) is the title awarded to an adult cat having defeated 200 champions in its competition category. Grand Premier (GP) is the equivalent title for an altered cat. Distinguished Merit (DM) is the title given to a cat which has produced the required number of Grand Champions, Grand Premiers, or Distinguished Merit Cats (5 for females and 15 for males). Regional Winner (RW) is the highest and most prestigious title a cat (adult cat, kitten, or altered cat) can achieve on a regional level. National Winner (NW) is the highest and most prestigious title a cat (adult, kitten, or altered) can achieve on a national level.


First Singapura DM

Imago's Faye Raye of Usaf DM     



RW/GC/GP Usaf's Muka Manis, DM


                                       © Larry Johnson
GC/GP Sabertooth Sleeper of Usaf DM
First male singapura DM


CH Usaf's Pikku  Kissa of Jubilation, DM


CH/GP Usaf's Suka Kuching,DM    


GC/RW Usaf's Muka Rimba of Nuance DM

CH Ronalli's Meelada of Usaf, DM


CH Caj's Paya, DM


GC Sayang Singapore Sadie, DM


                                         © Mark McCullough

GC/GP Usaf's Kunada of Moontan DM


GC Ronalli's Remington of Usaf, DM


Sayang Singapore Tinkerbell, DM

 GC Usaf's Kuching Pest DM

Ch. Sayang Singapore Blaze,DM






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