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Missing Mom Cat!

She had just come home from the vets after having had a c-section and wanted nothing to do with 4 new babies. I had tried everything,finally sleeping on the living room floor with a box of babies to care for. I had set a carrier in the hall because Hal was taking a cat to the airport in the morning to ship off. He got up, put the cat in the carrier and left me having fallen alseep curled up with a box of babies. When I woke up, I searched for momcat--and searched and searched. I couldn't find her anywhere and frantically searched some more. Still no momcat. I called Hal at the airport freight office and made sure he looked in the carrier. All I could think of was she had crawled into the carrier and Hal, not know, put the shipping cat in with her. Fortunately, I caught him--but mom cat wasn't in the carrier either. At this point I'm beside myself and worried about the babies and WHAT could have happened to momcat. Two hours after phoning the LA airport (a 2 hr. drive from home) and checking every closest, cabinet, drawer, and even places she couldn't possibly have been, I walked into the kitchen and there she was sauntering across the room headed towards the babies to care for them!!! I have absoltely NO idea where she'd been.

Tommy Meadow - Usaf Cattery



owner: Gil Simon 


Brag :-)

My Austrian Winner

I attended a CFA show in Vienna, Austria with one cat. There was one LH (Long Hair) ring, one SH (Short Hair) ring and two AB (All Breed) rings. MY cat took Best in show in the 2 AB rings and the SH ring--The SH ring was first. There were only 3 cats in the whole show and one was an AOV and you know what I thought--take what you can get. But the Best Cat in 2 AB rings under judges I respected just tickled me no end. No matter how long you've been showing, there's always another "first time" for you to enjoy!

Tommy Meadow - Usaf Cattery


GC/GP/RW Usaf's Muka Manis, DM 
Owners do the craziest things when they're bored in a show hall!

Ronalli's Rantai, commonly know as "Killer" who swears they
are his feathers and you can't have them. 

Por Moi? It's bigger than I am!





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