A small, solid, warm, satin coated heating pad. That's a singapura in bed with you, but if you don't wake up on time you get your face patted with a soft paw, or your eyelids washed, or your nose polished as they mark you as theirs. Next they have to sit at your feet and look at you accusingly to see if you're through on YOUR litter pan, or sometimes they'll sit by the wash bowl asking you to turn the water on a dribble so they can have their morning mouth wash. The water always tastes better out of the faucet or your glass on the bathroom counter.

They'll beat you to the door, the dining table, and have to sit on the kitchen counter to see just what you're doing up there. (If you want a cat that stays off the kittchen counter, DO NOT get a singapura.) And the warmest place in the house is THEIRS!!

You don't have to wait for your back to be turned, they'll open kitchen cabinets and drawers with apparent ease and very little time to figure out how to do it. Have you been told that these are very intelligent critters? Well, you have now! Anything with big eyes and big ears has got to take in a lot of information.

The newspaper is a wonderful place for them to sit--but only if you're trying to read it. The sewing machine is a marvel of movement. Much like watching a tennis match but with up and down movement instead of side to side. Cracks under inside doors were meant especially for singapuras to hide toys under. Shove them under and run around the door quick to find them and push them back the other way. One cat on one side of the door and one cat on the other is a different game but just a challenging.

CH Honeygraham's Aprilsfool "April"
 Owners: Kimberly and Shirley Graham

These aggressively affectionate small (NOT dwarf or miniature) cats love to lick, butt heads, and in general can be a real pest as they are into everything. They are a healthy breed with no one disability or medical condition endemic to the breed.

Sometimes it is difficult to raise kittens to 4 months of age but a kitten, from a reputable breeder, that has reached that age will be healthy for many years. It will rarely get sick before those years start to take their toll. Average life span for a well cared for cat seems to be 12 to 15 years of age--one as old as 18.

Once you have a singapura, you will always have one in your house. They are anything but independent and unresponsive.


Singapuras play well with others. :-)






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