We've covered Tes and her offspring at this point, so let me get on to the history of the other early girls.

Actually, Pusse's breeding history has also been covered. She had George and Gladys, sired by Ticle in Singapore, and then Peggy and Chris sired by Wun Hung Lo. Pusse had a total of 6 litters and we got kittens from her first and  fifth litters. In addition there were three non-conceives as well.  So much for beautiful Pusse, who is the only original cat (of 4) that turned out to be clear of the solid color gene and she looked it. She was lighter and creamer than the others ----and with absolutely no barring whatsoever. And her ticking was amazingly fine grained. When I talk about ticking, I ask people to close their eyes and envision sand and gravel. Sand is fine grained and smooth looking in comparison to gravel's course and rough appearance. The fine grained "sand" appearance is what I like to see in the breed today. Color, ticking, eyes, ears and balance were her strongest qualities then and now. 

The next female to come along was Gladys, Pusse's daughter sired by Ticle. Her first litter born 1-7-80, sired by Wun, had 2 males and 2 females. Of the 4, 2 died at birth, one died at 3 days and the 4th, a male, went as a pet. Her second litter was by Chris, her half brother, was born  2-3-83 had 2 kittens. A female died at birth and a male was named Changi's Wilburforce who we kept and is the only cat in any pedgrees coming from Gladys. Gladys was then spayed and placed as a pet in a wonderful home where she lived to be 13 years old.    

With Gladys out of the breeding picture, this left only Peggy and Chris as offspring of Pusse.  We of course kept them both and they show up over and over again in pedigrees. Willy, (Wilburforce) shows up in a few but not many by comparison.

Usaf's Peggy

Of Tes' early kittens we kept Gin, born 8-11-76  and I remember her very well. She must have weighted 3 pounds soaking wet. Very small and very petite. Gin's first litter was a naturally born litter of  5 sired by Wun.. I don't have a record of her litters. She was then sold as a breeder and lost to the program. The one we kept was Half Pint O'Gin, born 3-6-78, commonly called "Pint". Old notes show she was "very small, about 3 pounds, heavy ticking, VERY large greenish eyes, no ticking on the top of her head, excellent coat texture, close lying coat of medium length". Her littermates were Gin Collins, Gin Rummy, and Dark Gin . If I surmise correctly, Dark Gin was a solid color kitten

Usaf's Gin

And now there are enough cats to write about that it really starts to get complicated because, with the numbers now available, it starts branching ever wider.

Little Singh Bull imported in 1987 by the late Gerald Mayes. Registered
in  TICA, "Bull" shows up on some pedigrees from that Association


I know I'm not a good typist but I am being extremely careful and proofing and re-proofing the following registration numbers. Registration Numbers so far-

American Cat Association---ACA
American Cat Fanciers Association--ACFA
Cat Fanciers Association--CFA
Cat Fanciers Federation--CFF
The International Cat Assn.--TICA
United Cat Fanciers--UCF
Singapore Feline Society--SFS

Tes of Usaf
ACA 70900-1  /  ACFA SIO6-F78-3289-A   /  CFA 2701-057301  Vol 381 CFF SP74F1-64206-1  /  TICA SGF 1ABXY 10 060074  001  /  SFS 311-175-IR1

Ticle of Usaf
ACA 70901-1  /  ACFA SI O6-F78-3288-A  /  CFA 2700-057300  Vol.381 CFF SP74MA1-64207-1  /   TICA SGN 1ABXY 10 060074 002  /  SFS 310-275-IR1

Pusse of Usaf
ACA 70899-1  /   ACFA  SI06-F78-3291-A1  /   CFA 2701-057299 Vol.381 CFF SP74F1-64205-1  /   TICA   SGF 1ABXY 10050074 001  /   SFS 311-375-IR1

Usaf's George
ACA  70902-2  /   ACFA SIO6-F78-3292-A1  /   CFA 2700-057303 Vol.381 / CFF SP74M2-64208-2  /   TICA 20 030275 001  /   SFF 310-475-IR1

Usaf's Gladys
ACA 70903-2  /   ACFA SIO6-F78-3209-A2  /   CFA 2701-057302 Vol.381 CFF SP74F2-64209-2  /   TICA  20 030275 002  (Dbl.Gr.)  /   SFS 311-575-IR1

Usaf's Peggy
ACA 71087-2  /   ACFA SIO6-F78-3295-A2  /   CFA 2701-057311 Vol..381 / CFF SP74F2-64218-2   /   TICA SGF 1ABXY 20 120477 002 (CH )  / UCF 80-0161-1  (CH)

Usaf's Chris
ACA  71086-2  /   ACFA SIO6-F78-3294-A2  /   CFA 2700-057310 Vol.381 / CFF SP74M2-64219-2  /   TICA  SFM 1ABXY 20 120477 003 GrC)   /   UCF  80-0166-1  (CH)

Usaf's Wun Hung Lo
ACA 70904-2  /   ACFA SIO6-F78-3293-1  (GrC)  /   CFA 2700-057304 Vol.381 / CFF SP74M2-64210-2  /  TICA  SGM 1ABXY 20 011576 001 (GrC)  /  UCF 80-0162-1 (GrC)

Usaf's Gin
ACA 70905-2  /  ACFA SIO6-F78-3286-A1  /  CFA 2701-057305  Vol.381 CFF SP74F2-64212-2  /  TICA 20 081176 002  /  UCF 80-0163-1

Usaf's Half Pint O'Gin of Changi
ACA 71132-3  /  ACFA SIO6-F78-3296-A2  /   CFA 2701-057318 Vol. 381 CFF SP74F3-64224-3  /  TICA  30 061979 003  /  UCF 80-0172-2

Changi's Wilburforce
ACFA SIO6-f83-7824-3   /   CFA 2700-057358 Vol.483  /  CFF SP74M3-74064 / TICA 03 112480 001  /  UCF  80-0585-2  (Ch)





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